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Manual or Automatic Transmission?
When searching for the perfect car, you'll encounter many dilemmas, two of which are considered the most classic. The first concerns the choice of fuel, the well-known "diesel or gasoline dilemma," and the second is the type of transmission you choose
Classic Dilemma: Gasoline or Diesel
There is no right or wrong answer to the question "gasoline or diesel?" There are only preconditions. Until recently, almost until 2016, most buyers in many countries desperately wanted to buy a diesel car
4 Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself
Maintaining your car is essential for its proper functioning. After all, it's been proven that the more often you perform maintenance, the better it is for your car — and for your wallet. While there are many workshops for servicing your car, both authorized and independent, there are also some maintenance tasks that you can do yourself. Simply follow the instructions to do it safely, without risking your car
5 Common Tricks in Selling a Used Car
When you're looking for a reliable used car, there's always the risk of encountering dishonest sellers. These cases usually involve private individuals looking for quick money, but some dealers may also try to deceive you
New or Used Car: What Everyone Should Know
One of the most common dilemmas when looking for a car is whether to choose new or used. Each category has its own pros and cons, with a new car seeming more reliable at first glance, while a used car seems more affordable. But how true is this, and which option is right for you? In this article, we’ll analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each option to help you make the choice that’s right for you. Let’s get started! 1
How to Protect Your Car from Winter Cold?
Undoubtedly, the number of car breakdowns increases during the winter months. The best thing you can do before the cold sets in is to take some preventive measures to protect yourself! How can you shield your car from winter woes? Let's look at 7 simple steps that we'll explain in detail! 1
7 Important Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Vehicle
Electric vehicles are currently the talk of the town. Their popularity can be gauged by the rapidly growing numbers: as of the end of October 2023, there were over 600,000 fully electric vehicles and more than 1,000,000 plug-in hybrid models in the United Kingdom. People are becoming increasingly conscious about the planet and prefer more eco-friendly and energy-efficient options
12 Steps to Buying a Quality Used Car
Searching for a truly high-quality vehicle is no easy task... Despite consulting with friends and acquaintances, spending countless hours on YouTube, studying fuel consumption, trunk space, transportation tax and now feeling ready, in reality, things are different. The transition from the virtual world to the reality of the used car "market" will be abrupt, and you need to be appropriately prepared
3 Reliable Options for Easy City Commuting
Daily trips around the city for work and other needs are common. Nowadays, there are car models specifically designed to meet these needs of drivers. In this article, we present 3 suggestions for reliable and maneuverable cars for chaotic urban conditions
Volkswagen Golf: The Timeless King
There are many types of hatchbacks. Some are compact and convenient, while others are luxurious and sporty. But when it comes to a mid-sized car that combines all qualities, the mind involuntarily turns to the Volkswagen Golf. Looking Back This iconic German mid-sized car, designed by the famous Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, was first introduced in 1974
3 Spacious Family Vehicles
When choosing a family car, it's always important to consider its capacity and safety features. In this article, we'll introduce three options worth considering when purchasing a large vehicle for your family's needs. Volvo XC40 - A Balanced Choice for Those Seeking a Compact and Maneuverable Car The Volvo XC40 is a comfortable enough vehicle for the family, suitable for daily urban trips as well as safe travels
Five Ways to Upgrade Your Off-Road Motorcycle
With a time-tested off-road motorcycle, you've formed an attachment and don't wish to part with it. After countless adventures and much enjoyment, you wouldn’t trade it for anything. You move as a single well-tuned mechanism

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