Debut of the unique 787D sports car with a 5-rotor engine

Debut of the unique 787D sports car with a 5-rotor engine

On December 2nd at the Mad Mike’s Summer Bash 6 festival in New Zealand, a significant event took place - the world's first car with a five-rotor engine was presented. This unique sports car, named 787D, was developed by the well-known drift professional and rotary engine enthusiast Mike Whiddett, also known as «Mad Mike». His reputation in the automotive world is bolstered by his work on modifying Mazda vehicles.


The process of creating the 787D involved collaboration with the Japanese tuning master Rocket Bunny, who worked on developing the sports car's body. Apparently, the fourth-generation Mazda RX-7 (FD) served as the starting point for the project. However, little of the original car was retained.

Sports car 787D

The 787D's unique construction is eye-catching: the car is equipped with a tubular chassis and a deeply modified engine. According to available data, the volume of the five-rotor engine developed by Whiddett is 3.3 liters. Although exact information about the engine's power is not disclosed, its sound is truly impressive. The video from the presentation shows the exhaust gases being ejected from behind the front wheel, which became a highlight of the show. The audience is promised a future demonstration of drifting with this car.


The festival also offered the opportunity to see the five-rotor engine in action. Most production Mazda vehicles were equipped with two-rotor engines. The four-rotor engine was only installed in the Mazda 787B sports prototype, which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1990 and 1991.

The 787D is available for purchase by anyone interested, but the car is not intended for use on public roads. As an alternative, Hot Wheels offers a miniature replica of the car that can fit in your palm.