Knocking in a Car's Engine - What to Do?

Knocking in a Car's Engine - What to Do?

Knocking in a car's engine can occur for various reasons. These might be malfunctions in the engine operation caused by wear or improper use. Let's look at the main possible reasons for the knocking.

How to Identify the Source of Knocking in the Engine

To understand what exactly causes the knocking in a particular case, it's necessary to listen to its nature. This will determine further diagnostics and repair. Let's find out how to determine the approximate location of the knocking by its sound.

Problems with the Camshaft

One of the common causes of engine knocking is a malfunction of the camshaft. This mechanism is responsible for synchronizing the operation of the valves and pistons. Wear or damage to the camshaft disrupts the necessary sequence of intake, compression, power stroke, and exhaust processes. This creates characteristic knocking sounds.

Piston Group Faults

Knocking can arise due to problems in the piston group - pistons, piston rings, connecting rods. For example, wear of a ring leads to gas breakthrough into the crankcase. Causes of knocking can be carbon buildup on the piston rings, piston hitting the cylinder walls.

Lubrication System Issues

The lubrication system plays an important role in the engine operation. Insufficient oil pressure due to malfunctions of the oil pump, filter, or oil contamination leads to knocking due to increased friction of parts.

Actions When Knocking Appears in the Engine

If you hear a knock in the engine while driving, the following actions should be taken:

  • Stop and listen to the nature of the knocking. Note at which RPM and loads it appears, whether it changes during acceleration/deceleration.
  • Check the engine oil level. The oil should be within the minimum and maximum marks on the dipstick. Add oil if necessary.
  • Visit a service center for diagnostics and repair. Attempting to fix the cause of the knocking yourself is dangerous and can lead to costly repairs or accidents.

Repair and Elimination of Causes of Knocking in the Engine For accurate diagnostics of the causes of knocking, it is necessary to go to a service center. Professionals using specialized equipment will identify the specific fault and determine the necessary scope of work to eliminate it. This could be valve adjustment, replacing worn parts, repairing the lubrication system, etc.

Prevention and Avoidance of Knocking in the Engine

To minimize the risk of engine knocking, it is important to regularly undergo maintenance and follow the rules of car operation. Timely replacement of oil, filters, belts, spark plugs, and other consumables is the key to the long and trouble-free operation of the engine.

Thus, any suspicious knocking from the engine compartment should not be ignored. It is necessary to immediately diagnose and fix the malfunction to avoid serious breakdowns and ensure personal safety. Planned maintenance and proper operation will help to maximize the lifespan of your car's engine.