Review of the best brands of car fender liner manufacturers

Review of the best brands of car fender liner manufacturers

Many drivers realize the necessity of installing additional elements in the wheel arches of their cars. These parts are not just decorations, but an important means to increase the durability of both the wheel arches themselves and the entire car body as a whole.

Features and Functions of Mudguards

Mudguards are special protective elements made of plastic or metal. They serve to protect the wheel arches from the harmful effects of various external factors. Thanks to their precise size and shape, these accessories fit perfectly into their designated place.

Currently, there are two types of mudguards: universal and model-specific. Model-specific mudguards are individually made for each car model and provide the best protection for the wheel arches from various contaminants. Universal mudguards fit different cars but often require modifications before installation.

When choosing mudguards for your car, it's important to consider the manufacturer's marking, the material of manufacture, and the method of attachment.

Recommendations for Choosing Mudguard Manufacturers

Mudguards play an important role in protecting the wheel arches of a car from harmful impacts. This review looks at several popular models of mudguards from different manufacturers.

Forma Past

The products of this Taiwanese company are distinguished by their high quality. Mudguards from Forma Past perfectly match the sizes and shapes of the wheel arches of each car model. They are installed in the standard places without the need for additional drilling.


The high-quality plastic used by Novline is flexible and resistant to external influences. These products provide strength and reliable protection of the wheel wells.


This brand produces only model-specific mudguards, which are distinguished by their wear resistance and resistance to mechanical damage. The polyethylene used does not emit unpleasant odors when heated.


This manufacturer has established itself in the market as a creator of reliable and resistant to external influences mudguards. The production is carried out using an elastic and strong polymer that retains its properties in various temperature conditions.

Review of Popular Mudguard Models

Novline offers a variety of mudguard models, made of high-quality plastic. For example, for KIA Ceed cars from 2018, mudguards are available for both front and rear wheels. They provide reliable protection and are easily installed in standard places. The prices of Novline mudguards vary depending on the model and place of installation, for example, mudguards for the rear wheels of the KIA Ceed are offered at a price of about $18-20.

mudguards for rear wheels of KIA Ceed


When choosing mudguards, it's important to pay attention not only to their compatibility with a specific car model but also to the material of manufacture and method of installation. Quality mudguards significantly extend the life of wheel arches and protect the body from corrosion and damage.