Land Rover Defender presented in new open-top version

Land Rover Defender presented in new open-top version

The Dutch company Heritage Custom, known for its tuning work on Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles, has created an open-top version of the Defender. The Heritage Customs Valiance convertible is based on the three-door Defender 90 model.

Heritage Customs Valiance Convertible

Its design bears similarities to the Jeep Wrangler. During the modification, the tuners removed the roof and the rear part of the body, while the front part, including the doors, remained unchanged. A soft top, which is deployed and folded using an electric drive and manually secured, provides protection from wind and rain. The rear part is reinforced with a safety frame.

Heritage Customs Valiance Convertible 2

Heritage Custom plans to manufacture each convertible to the individual order of the client. A wide range of body colors and a fully leather interior with several finishing options are offered. Upon customer request, original front seats and wheel rims from Heritage Customs can be installed.

Heritage Customs Valiance Convertible 3

Transforming a standard Land Rover Defender into a convertible will cost approximately 85,000 euros. The price of the new 2024 Defender 90 starts at 52,000 euros.