The Germans turn cars into electric cars in 8 hours

The Germans turn cars into electric cars in 8 hours

German startup e-Revolt, specializing in converting traditional internal combustion engine vehicles to electric cars, has achieved impressive results in this field. The Dachau-based specialists have successfully converted 42 models of gasoline and diesel vehicles to electric drive. A unique aspect of their work is focusing on regular cars like the Volkswagen Golf Mk VII, instead of expensive models like many similar companies. The electrification process takes only 8 hours, thanks to an innovative modular kit with bolt-on attachment. Future plans include using upgraded batteries, but currently, the kits use batteries providing a range of 250-300 km.

Conversion of traditional ICE vehicles to electric

The transformation costs clients between $13,000 to $16,000. The process begins with a thorough diagnostic of the vehicle, followed by the removal of the engine and other unnecessary components. They are replaced by a special 'Plug and Play' frame, connected to the former engine mounts. The package also includes an e-CAN module to ensure compatibility with the car's original systems. All information about the operation of electric components is displayed on the modified instrument panel.

Conversion of traditional ICE vehicles to electric-2

However, e-Revolt does not disclose the exact specifications of the electric motor and battery capacity, nor information about charging time and the impact of the additional weight on the car's axle load distribution.