Unique Ford F-150 from Ukrainian masters

Unique Ford F-150 from Ukrainian masters

In Ukraine, a unique Ford F-150 pickup was captured, modified by local specialists. These images quickly gained popularity in the media, including American publications. This project attracted significant attention due to its originality and sparked interest in its creators.

Ford F-150 Werewolf 4×4 on the road

It turned out that the transformation of this vehicle was undertaken by the Ukrainian studio Werewolf 4×4. The professionals started not with a standard pickup, but with a modified model created by American masters Devolro. They increased the clearance by 19 cm by installing portal axles. Additionally, they added reinforced bumpers, new headlights, and a winch. The vehicle was equipped with off-road tires for the new wheels.

A special black matte film, Dev-X Polymer, was chosen for the exterior of the pickup, giving it a rugged and even menacing look. Interestingly, the original wheels were retained, but there are plans to replace them with larger ones. The sizes of the wheel arches allow this to be done without additional modifications.

Ford F-150 Werewolf 4×4

Under the hood of the pickup is a powerful 5.0-liter V8 Predator engine. The exact performance characteristics are not disclosed, but according to Autoevolution, it exceeds 850 horsepower. The Werewolf 4×4 studio is ready to recreate a similar project upon request. The price of the modification is $25,000, not including the cost of the vehicle itself.