Test Drive Volkswagen Touran: The Perfect Family Car?

Test Drive Volkswagen Touran: The Perfect Family Car?

As always, the choice of car for the test drive wasn't random but carefully made for the planned journey. According to comments from the Porsche Ukraine press service, the Volkswagen Touran is typically used not only for city trips but also for long journeys. That's why I decided to test this car on a trip to Kherson with my family, as well as to check the capacity of the trunk when transporting a bicycle. A month before the test, I carefully studied the technical specifications and the capabilities of the luggage compartment to make sure that the bicycle and necessary items would fit and to avoid unpleasant surprises during the trip. Spontaneous issues were undesirable, considering that the Touran doesn't look like a "bus" from the outside. Plans were successfully fulfilled, and the only unexpected aspect was the choice of a petrol engine. The offer from Porsche Ukraine also included a diesel option, but with a six-month wait, so the decision was made not to delay and to choose the petrol model. And so, we hit the road!

Design and Exterior

In the current generation, the Volkswagen Touran has become less angular and visually more aerodynamic. My opinion on the new update is still ambiguous: if I liked the previous model, the new one raises doubts. From some angles, it doesn't even seem like a big car and is more reminiscent of the Golf Sportsvan. The only elements that indicate its minivan character are the large rear doors and the high rear part of the cabin, emphasizing the spaciousness of the rear seats and the luggage compartment. Stylish wheels, LED headlights, and roof rails indicate that this is not the most basic configuration, and checking the price tag should be done with a good nerve reserve. However, compared to the previous version, the price of the Touran has remained about the same if we talk about the euro price.

Interior Features

Overall, if you've seen the interior of one Volkswagen model, the others will be familiar to you, and you'll always feel at home. The interior design may have differed in details, such as the design of the multimedia system and the choice of materials, but the overall feeling that everything is conveniently located remains unchanged. Some may call it boring, but for me, it always means practicality and convenience. Although I can admire the design of other manufacturers, after every trip in a Volkswagen, I always come back to the thought that the practical German approach is closer to me.

The test modification, based on the Highline and supplemented with options, fully met my expectations. Here was installed the top multimedia system with support for Android Auto and Apple Car Play, as well as Wi-Fi capability for internet connection. The configuration also included several interesting features for parents with children. The seats, although not made of leather, were very comfortable, with plenty of adjustments and even with compartments for small items in the front. An important addition was the driver assistance system, especially the smart cruise control, which monitored the cars ahead. This was my first experience driving such a car for long trips, and I was looking forward to testing it on the road.

Features of the Second Row and Trunk

The most interesting features of the Touran were the second-row seats and the trunk, as this car is primarily designed for the comfort of passengers in the back. The second row consisted of three separate seats, each of which could be moved over a wide range and the backrest adjusted separately or folded down completely. When shifting all seats forward, legroom became extremely limited, but the length of the luggage compartment increased to almost one and a half meters, leaving enough space only for small children in their seats. However, in the extreme rear position, there was an impression of spaciousness, similar to a limousine, and the trunk remained very capacious. The seating in the Touran is high and somewhat reminiscent of bus seating, but it provides a good view. There were enough seat adjustments, and seating comfort was improved by the large doors, especially the rear ones, which opened at a wide angle, and the correctly chosen seat height. Overall, seating and disembarking passengers in the Touran were simple and convenient, which was especially noticeable when installing a child seat.