Comprehensive Review of the Luxurious 2024 Genesis G90

Comprehensive Review of the Luxurious 2024 Genesis G90

The world of luxury sedans is dominated by exclusive models such as the latest Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series. However, Hyundai's luxury division, Genesis, aims to change this with the release of the G90 in its latest form. In this article, we'll delve into the high-class luxury world of the 2024 Genesis G90, exploring its exquisite interior, elegant exterior, high-tech gadgets, and more, to see if it deserves to be a worthy competitor to the acclaimed German 7 Series.

Elegant Exterior – Understated Charm

Elegant Exterior – Understated Charm

In the world of luxury sedans, a car's appearance is paramount. The long-wheelbase version of the 2024 Genesis G90 demands attention. Measuring 5.5 meters long and 1.9 meters wide, it stands shoulder to shoulder with the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class. The G90 finds a balance between captivating charm and refined elegance, opting for a restrained design approach compared to its competitors, creating a vehicle that exudes sophistication without sacrificing allure.

Heavenly Interior – A Symphony of Luxury

Once you step inside the new G90

Once you step inside the new G90, the emphasis on luxury becomes immediately apparent. Available exclusively as a four-seater, the rear cabin draws attention, offering comfort on a Rolls Royce level. Inviting semi-aniline leather massage seats allow you to sit back and relax, equipped even with a footrest for additional enjoyment. The G90 exudes luxury and provides an interior space that speaks of its ambition for luxury.

The quality of materials throughout the cabin deserves praise, although it does not reach the heights set by the BMW 7 Series. Rear-seat passengers are offered entertainment screens and meticulously chosen ambient lighting; they can also adjust scent settings.

However, it does not offer the theater display like its German competitor, highlighting the differences that set this category apart.

Technological Symphony – The Perfect Blend

In the world of high-tech luxury sedans, the 2024 G90 represents a combination of user-friendly controls and a thoughtful infotainment system. There are not an excessive number of screens in front of the driver, as in the 7 Series, as Genesis uses a button approach, providing physical controls for major functions. However, the central multimedia system is easy to use and less sophisticated than what BMW and Mercedes offer.

The G90 features augmented reality, displaying navigational directions over a camera view of the road. This innovative feature represents a merger of technology and practicality, positioning the G90 as a contender in the market of high-tech luxury sedans.

On the Road – Prioritizing Comfort Over Handling

When it comes to exhilarating road journeys, the 2024 Genesis G90 truly excels in providing a high level of comfort. The multi-camera self-regulating air suspension turns every trip into a memorable experience, smoothly absorbing road bumps. Additionally, thanks to the noise cancellation system from the 23-channel Bang & Olufsen audio system, a tranquil atmosphere reigns inside the cabin.

However, on winding roads, it becomes clear that priority is given to comfort, not handling. Weighing 2470 kg, the sedan handles decently thanks to the rear steering suspension, adding maneuverability.

Under the Hood – Powerful, but Not Quite Enough

Under the Hood – Powerful, but Not Quite Enough

The driving force behind the 2024 G90 is a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, producing 409 hp and 405 Nm of torque. While these figures may seem impressive on paper, the significant weight of the sedan smooths out the acceleration feel. Including a 48-volt system with an electric supercharger improves torque delivery, but does not provide a truly brisk driving experience.

The Price of Luxury – Genesis G90's Competitive Advantage

The G90 positions itself as a contender in the luxury sedan market, starting at €115,000 for the short-wheelbase version and €125,000 for the long-wheelbase model. Unlike positioning as a budget alternative, Genesis now aims to directly compete with such authoritative models as the BMW 7 Series (€115,700) and Mercedes S-Class (€112,000). Such a pricing strategy requires the G90 to justify its claimed pursuit of providing an "unparalleled Genesis experience."