Tuners have created an exclusive convertible from the new Mercedes-AMG G63

Tuners have created an exclusive convertible from the new Mercedes-AMG G63

Refined Marques, a tuning studio, has developed a convertible version based on the new Mercedes-AMG G63 with a 577-horsepower Twin-Turbo V8 engine. This project fills the void left since the discontinuation of the Mercedes-Benz G 500 Cabriolet in 2013, the last 200 units of which were purchased by collectors.

The Mercedes-AMG G63 convertible by Refined Marques will be released in a limited edition of 20 units, priced at $1.3 million each. The first of these was showcased last week in Monaco, featuring a blue exterior with a red convertible top and a red-and-blue leather interior. A distinctive feature of the convertible is its rear doors that open against the direction of travel, facilitating easier entry and exit for passengers.

Mercedes-AMG G63 by Refined Marques

Ahmed Al-Bakri, CEO of Refined Marques, stated that it took 18 months to perfect the convertible. The finished vehicle was even inspected by a former head of quality control at Mercedes-Benz, who found no defects.

Most of the 20 planned convertibles have already been sold to wealthy collectors from the Middle East, as well as an American supermodel whose name remains undisclosed. According to Al-Bakri, the model wanted to purchase the first unit but ultimately secured one of the 20 spots in the queue.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Convertible by Refined Marques

The owner of the first unit, painted in China Blue, has already received an offer to sell the vehicle for a sum significantly exceeding the initial price of $1.3 million. Over time, the value of the custom Mercedes-AMG G63 by Refined Marques is expected to increase.

Tuning Mercedes-AMG G63 by Refined Marques